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»Facebook vs 2go

Get Connected Instantly On The Two World Ruling Social Networks At The Same Time. Each Of The Applications Below Contains Facebook Chat Application And 2go Interactive Chat, Download And Get Chatting.
How To Use
After Downloading Any Of Facebook With 2go Application Below, Open And "Allow Application Access". Press On The Facebook Application To Open, Enter Your Correct Facebook Login Details And Start Chatting, Sharing Updates And Pictures. Press Hold The * Button Of Your Phone To Minimize To The Menu. Press On The 2go Application To Access Your 2go Account. To Check Your Chats And Feeds On Facebook, Just Repeat The Above Step By Press Holding The * Button To Take You Back To The Application Menu Then Select Facebook.
Note: Before You Use Any Of The Facebook Application, Deactivate Your Facebook Gateway On 2go To Secure Your Account From Being Blocked. To Screenshot, Press Hold The Green Button For Dialling Calls.. You'll Find Your Screenshotted Page In A Folder Named Jie In Your Memory Card.
Download Facebook vs 2go


Name: Facebook opera browser.jar
File Size: 180.76KB

Name: Facebook v3.2.1 latest 1.jar
File Size: 160.49KB

Name: Facebook v3.2.1 latest.jar
File Size: 160.49KB

Name: Facebook messenger.jar
File Size: 455.04KB

Name: Facebook Mobile v3.3.2.jar
File Size: 270.33KB

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