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»How To Use Picture As 2go Background
After you have successfully downloaded the Application, Open it, You'll See A 2go Application Inside It; Don't Open The 2go yet.. press Option » General Settings » Scroll down, You would see a box titled Background Path, Under it you would see something like this:: file:///E://lordeagle.png
Delete the lordeagle.png in file:///C://lordeagle.png and put your image link NOTE:Move or Copy the picture you want to use to your memory card(don't put it in any folder)and rename it with exactly the name you entered in the Background path of the 2go Picture Embedding ApplicationMind you that if you use .jpg or .gif or .png picture, you will also insert the format with the correct name in the background path and If you use capital letters in the picture's name, the name you'll enter in the background path of the application must be in capital letters also..After Inserting the correct name and format in the background path of the application, pressOption»Save. Now open the 2go; your image would become your new 2go Style.. For phones likeNOKIA C1, C2, 3310cand others, image file size shouldn't exceed 60KB and resolution
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